The Mid-December MIUpdate!

The Marble It Update!
 – December 12th –

It’s been another week in the Marbleverse and there remains a lot to do, and a lot to look forward to. We have a few different work focuses in the week ahead with all builds of the game, but for now some things are still a bit hush-hush. Hang in there, Marblers!

Levels, levels, and more levels!

77 Custom levels! We’ve been trying to keep up with playing all of these levels and taking notes! It’s wild to open the Workshop and consistently see more levels! A shoutout to all the helpful level-creators in Discord who are answering questions, too! Discussions have started on what we’re looking for in Curated map packs as well – time to sharpen those design skills!

Under the Weather

Snow and sickness swept their way through this week – but the Marbles keep rolling on! We’ll have a first look at the next Marbles this month, as well as upcoming previews of Map Pack 2! In the meantime, we’re continuing our work with Nintendo to get the Switch patch out – we hope to have some exciting news soon! 

In the Forecast

2019 is barreling toward us, and it’s going to be a massive year for Marble It Up! with Map Packs, Multiplayer, and more in the pipeline! There’s some mind-blowing stuff coming up that we just can’t wait to talk about. Almost can’t wait. 

Stay frosty, folks!

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –

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