Up To The Challenge? It’s The Marble It Update!

Up For A Challenge? It’s The Marble It Update!
– January 30th –

January ends – and a new chapter begins for Marble It Up! This week, we’re Kicking It Up a Notch on Switch, showing off some Marbles (who could’ve guessed?), and news on what’s next; you don’t want to miss is it!

It’s the Marble It Update – let’s roll!

Nintendo Switch – Content Update and Code Giveaway!

On Friday, the long-awaited content update for Nintendo Switch released – and we’re celebrating by giving away a download code on our Twitter!

Read more about the new features and fixes in our special Update post!

Marble Preview

MIU! development isn’t exactly a day at the beach – except when it is…

Art Preview

You could say things are starting to get a bit… whacky? We’ll get more in-the-zone with Danger Zone soon!

Marble Preview

We just wanted to say, Welcome to Neo Tokyo!

Introducing… The Challenge Update!

New Marbles? Check. New Levels? Check.
New [][][][][]? Check.
Our very next update brings the incredibly challenging Chapter 6 – and more.
New information on the exciting expanding single-player experience in the coming weeks.

That’s all from MIU! HQ this week.

Stay Frosty.

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –


  1. I finally got to play the switch version after a very welcome update with better camera controls and even a free look camera (which all should have been there from the start if I’m being honest), but after all this time I’d say it’s worth it.

    My ONLY couple of critiques on the game are that the medal time limits should be fixed; The Diamond medals, even a majority of the gold medals demand too much out of a casual player who might be buying this and could easily intimidate them from wanting to come back and replay the game. Same goes for a LOT of the hidden trophies, a few of which are hidden in ridiculously masochistic locations. I know you have some of the Platinum team on board for this game, but their ideas of “challenging” are to far gone as opposed to what’s expected of a commercial product; it’s not going to look good if you’re planning on reaching out to a wider audience. We already have leaderboards for us hardcore players, so my recommendation would be cutting some slack on the aforementioned details so you don’t push away the rest of the audience.


  2. I’m wondering when the update will release on steam, since i’m pretty hyped to make a walkthrough of the next few chapters, or next chapter if there’s only gonna be one.

    while you’re at it i made a walkthrough of chapters 1-5 on youtube


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