A Big Ol’ Marble It Update!

A Big Ol’ Marble It Update!
– February 27th –

February comes to its early end, but the fun is just beginning! We’ve got a lot of awesome community content to show off this week, as well a new Marble and a peek at a new map! There’s also a giveaway – what are we waiting for?!

The First Marble It Up! World Record Rampage

With our upcoming changes in The Challenge Update, a compilation of all current World Records in a row was in order! Thanks to Nockess for such an awesome video and to all the runners featured!

A Gemstone Level Pack?!

We want to start featuring more Community levels every week, so here we go! This week, Marblr released a quartet (quartztet?) of gemstone-themed maps! You can check them out here.

Upcoming Custom Level UI Change

In The Challenge Update, we’ll automatically sort custom levels into chapters! If you’re subscribed to 4 or more levels from the same Author, they’ll be automatically sorted into their own chapter!

A Marble Reveal!

The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!

(See it roll, here)


It’s time to face your spheres. More of this high-octane thrill ride to come!

Oney Plays Giveaway!

Our friends at Oney Plays are running a giveaway of FIVE codes for Marble It Up! – go enter here and check out their videos!

This week, we’re busy working on maps, challenge modifiers, videos, art, Marbles, digging cars out of snow, and SO MUCH MORE!

We’ll see you in March!

– The Marble It Up! Team –


  1. I am very excited for this to come to the xbox. I was hoping to see some news regarding the xbox version in this update. Is there any new news to be had? Thank you for making a successor to MBU. I loved that game and exceedingly sad that I can no longer play it, at least with a controller. Is there a way to play the PC version with an xbox controller? Thank you.


    1. Yes! The Challenge Update will be coming to Switch soon 🙂 It includes a new chapter of levels and Weekly Challenges!


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