Bananas – The Marble It Update!

– January 15 –

This week – we revisit the dark side of the moon, show off a couple maps, celebrate winners and record holders, and talk Beta weekend 3. It’s banananananananas (well, one banana at least).

Hold on to your hats!

Weekly Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon II

The underrated sequel to the hit album weekly challenge is here! And not to fear, it has Stratosphere! Soar through reversed levels with nothing but low gravity to help speed you along. Get ready to float!

Last Week’s Challenge: Tortoise

We have three speedy tortoises this week! Congratulations to our winners for a fast and steady race!

Wave Pool
Catzs – 00:14:93

snwboardr1987 – 00:08:39

Retrograde Rally
Catzs – 00:44:13

Stayin’ Alive
Catzs – 00:44:61

Monstrores – 02:07:62

World Records!

Catzs – 00:24.93

Cog Valley
Wo0dY – 00:11.15

Maps From The Nebulous Future!

Enjoy a sneak preview of some far out future maps, Prime and Cirrus, from map-makers Chroma and Calligraphy!

Beta Weekend The Third

We’re getting ready for the third Beta weekend! In the next Beta, we’ll be testing a brand-new mode: King of the Hill. We think free-for-all KoTH will be a prime testing ground for aspects of the multiplayer experience like blast radius, cooldown, scoring, spawning, and more.

Beta Weekend 3 will be coming soon – there are still some changes to be made, so no tests this upcoming weekend. But soon!

One More Thing…

Here’s your first look at hats in Marble It Up: Mayhem! Keep your eyes peeled for more in future Newsletters! For now…

Gotta split- see you next week!

– Marble Collective –

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