Groove – The Marble It Update!

– April 15 –

A quick update! A new challenge, new tunes, and some new winners! The music of Mayhem is available – read on for a link and start grooving!

Let’s rock!

Weekly Challenge: High Jump IV

Hi, jump! Time again to be the power up and ascend with your marble… legs? How DO marbles jump?

Ah jeez. We might need to dive into some Marble Lore to figure that one out…

Last Week’s Challenge: Steelie II

A challenge so good, we had to tell you about it several times! We also have a tie across platforms this week – whaaaaaaaat!?

Big Easy
Hatchet – 00:37:53

CMurder – 00:13:59

Totally Tubular
ChAoS – 00:17:57

River Vantage
Sevadra – 00:23:49

Steam: Tasty Tomcat – 02:43:46
Switch: The Mop – 2:43.46

World Records!
Big Easy
Pinguin – 00:30.49

Mayhem and Music!

In case you missed it – you can now listen to your favorite new marble musical melodies in the new LP, containing the updated music in Marble It Up: Mayhem! by Solovox,

Groove to these tunes on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever your favorite place to listen to music is!

We’re excited to explore the new upcoming content in Mayhem! and we’re getting close! More info on what you can expect on Apple Arcade just around the corner.

Till then, keep rolling!

Marble Collective

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