Blast Club – The Marble It Update!

Blast Club
– May 13 –

What a huge week! The Competitive Update released on Friday, and today we see our first Blast Club Challenge in Marble It Up: Mayhem! There’s more to see, so let’s roll!

Up-to-date on Updates

In case you missed it last Friday, you can catch the details of The Competitive Update here!

Weekly Challenge: … And Back Again!

This week, we flip the tables and pick some new levels to go backwards on! Head in the Clouds, Vertigo, Grade Rally (because it’s reversed, right?) – it’s a wild week!

Mayhem! Challenge: Blast Club

We’ll be highlighting unique challenges from Mayhem! in the newsletter – and the first is Blast Club. Plain and simple: barge your way through these single-player levels using BLAST! Deja Vu, huh?

Last Week’s Challenge: Superball

Catzs – 00:08.568

Off Kilter
UmbraSonset – 00:12.278

Catzs – 00:28.190

Catzs – 00:18.920

Diamond in the Sky
CMurder – 00:37.857

World Record

Spacekitty – 00:07.709

Marble It Up: Mayhem! on Apple Arcade

If you haven’t yet, why not give Mayhem! a spin? With the new chapters, hats, multiplayer modes, and even some Marble Blast throwback as a challenge this week… you couldn’t ask for a more perfect time to roll into some Mayhem!

If you played it and are loving it, we’d be incredibly grateful to see a review or rating from you on the Arcade page! And if you haven’t tried it yet, you can click the icon above and get rolling today!

We’ll see you next week! And in the meantime…

I’m gonna go play some Zombies!

Marble Collective

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