Marble It Up! Frequently Asked Questions

When will Marble It Up! Be released in other regions?

Marble It Up! is available on Switch in NA, EU, AUS regions, and is available worldwide on Steam!

When does Marble It Up! release on other platforms?

We’re wanting to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when our Multiplayer update hits this year..

Will you be adding more levels?

Yes – and you can, too! A second FREE map pack is on the way, and a level editor is available for PC players. We’ll be curating a selection of custom maps and bringing some of the best to consoles.

Multiplayer modes?

Yup! Classic and new modes. Baller Royale as well! Coming in 2019.

Where can I listen to the soundtrack?

You can listen to the Marble It Up! Official Soundtrack on Spotify and iTunes!

Hey, can you add this level/sound/effect from the Marble Blast games?

Sadly, no. We don’t own the rights to Marble Blast.