Announcing… Marble It Up!

Today’s the day, folks – Welcome!

We’ll keep this first post short and sweet.

We can’t begin to express how pumped we all are – we finally get to share Marble It Up! with the world and give players everywhere time to get #ReadyToRoll. Be sure to check out the coverage from our friends at Gamespot.

First – if you haven’t seen it yet (and even if you have), please enjoy our announcement trailer!

Second – In the weeks prior to launch, we’ll be rolling out all kinds of awesome content… and maybe even hosting a contest or two!

Third – community is important to us! We’ll be active on all the social media linked to at the bottom of this page. Also, for a newsletter with marbleous insights, horrible puns, and more sent straight to your inbox, you can subscribe to The Marble It Update! Newsletter.

Thanks for joining us as we await the roll-playing revolution!

– The Marble It Up! Team –



  1. I have been playing the Marble Blast series since I was in Kindergarten. Back then I hadn’t a single worry in the world besides trying to beat my buddies’ times on King of the Mountain and dreading having to shut down the milky-white iBooks we played it on. Now I’m a senior in high school, and I will soon transition into the college life and immerse myself in what many refer to as the “real world.” All those years I never forgot about one of my favorite game series I have ever laid my eyes on. When I found out about Marble It Up earlier last week I was in absolute awe. Since then, I have been unable to get my mind off of it whatsoever, and it just added a spark to my life that I was desperately hoping for. I just wanted to say thank you to the Garage Games/Marble Blast/Marble It Up team that have played such a large part in shaping the person that I am now, and have been for the past twelve years.


    1. Wow. We’re truly moved to hear how important the Marble series is to you – that really means a lot to us!

      Best of luck with the transition to college life! Hopefully Marble It Up! will provide a much-needed distraction!


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