The Final Marble It Update! before Launch!

The Final Marble It Update! before Launch!
– September 23rd –

Time has just rolled on by since we first announced Marble It Up! a month ago… and only six days remain until you can get your hands on the game!

Marble It Up! will be available in the NA eShop for $19.99 starting September 29th

We’ve covered a lot of ground this last month – and between revealing Marbles, strolling/speeding through levels, and getting a peek at a brand new feature, it’s been an absolute blast.

And we’re just getting started.

Welcome to the best week of Marble It Up! yet:

MONDAY – Marble It Up! Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Screenshot (116).png

WEDNESDAY – ‘The Gravity of Gordian’ with Alex Swanson


FRIDAY – ‘The Ghost of Marble Past’

Screenshot (120).png

Hope you saved room for dessert, folks. We’ll also be revealing Marbles and throwing beautiful screenshots your way throughout the week.

It’s almost time.

We’re Ready to Roll.

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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