Presenting… The Marble It Update!

What happened this week?
We’re in full-gear on Marbles and Map Pack 2!
The Nintendo Switch Content Update soldiers on (news soon)!
We’ve planned for some awesome things we haven’t revealed!
We’ve planned for some awesome things we have revealed!
So, how about we show off a bit?

First things first – Be on the lookout for a poll with the 4 finalists from the #NameAMarbleContest on Twitter!

Dancing to our own Tuna!
Take a look at these in-progress shots of the tasty-looking Tuna Marble! And just to cover our bases… Don’t eat marbles, folks!

125 Workshop Maps!
Speaks for itself! It’s thrilling to see the endless creativity of new original maps, re-vamping of classics, and even ports from other games! (Blinx is a blast from the past… or the future?)

Level Preview – Danger Zone
Moving parts, a couple gems, a sprinkle of Bashers, and some gravity shenanigans in the mix? Count us in for the Challenging Chapter 6!

It’s full-speed ahead – 2019 is shaping up to the year of more

Let’s Roll!
Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –

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