A Metal Marble It Update!

A Metal Marble It Update!
– January 23rd –

A new map, new marble, new art, and some news on the horizon!
Oh yeah – we put the news in newsletter. So let’s get cracking!

Level Art Progress – DANGER ZONE
Legends say that if you watch long enough, this half-pipe starts to sync up with a certain Kenny Loggins song…

Matan manufactured a magnificent Marble map!

Marble Preview – IRON BLOSSOM
Forged in the fires of Todd’s old computer – this Marble has some incredible details (all fully ironed out).

As for some good ol’ news…
The long-awaited Nintendo Switch Content Update has been approved! Be on the lookout for a release date from us quite soon!
We’re making good headway on what comes next. There are surprises in store – get ready!

Dare do all that may become a Marble.

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –