A February Marble It Update!

A February Marble It Update!
– February 6th –

It’s a light newsletter this week as we dive into creating new content for The Challenge Update! We can’t reveal the top secret information from last week’s newsletter – but we’re getting close to pulling the curtain back a tad more! In the meantime – enjoy more of the visual variety of what’s next!

Three Marbles!?

The White Tiger has shown its face once again – and it’s roaring to go in the Challenge Update!


Did we say Chapter 6 would be mind-melting? After staring at this skybox for a while… we can’t really remember!

Speed-running Some Tests

This week, we’re taking some time with the community to test some particular changes to spawning in the game. You can find more detailed information in the pinned messages of the #respawn-testing channel on our Discord.

We say it a lot, but… it’s a big month ahead of us. We can’t wait show you all!

Thanks for rolling with us.

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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