A Level-Headed Marble It Update!

A Level-Headed Marble It Update!
– February 20th –

This past week we’ve been thrilled to see the reactions to the reveal of Weekly Challenges! There’s much more to say about the Challenges – but this week, let’s enjoy some Level goodness!

Before and After: Platinum Playground Paint Job!

With all the gems, powerups, and geometry in this skate-park-esque level, Todd’s art pass adds some welcome (and colorful) guideposts!

Head In The Clouds

We caught a glimpse of Head In The Clouds in the Teaser Trailer last week. Even finishing this one at all feels like an achievement. Phew!

170 Custom Levels!

Spooky castles, celestial spirals, island adventures, snowy slopes, and more await you in the ever-growing pool of fantastic community levels on Steam! Go check ’em out – and be sure to rate them in the Workshop! 

Testing… Testing 1 2 3!

We’ve really appreciated all the input from folks in our Discord! Tackling interesting questions alongside the community has been not only exciting, but immensely helpful!

That’s all for this week – we’ll jump into more Marble awesomeness next time!

A Marble is never late, nor is it early.
It arrives precisely when it means to!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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