Gotta Go Fast! – A Marble It Update

Gotta Go Fast – A Marble It Update! 
– June 26 – 

This week is all about speed. Buckle up. Just a couple quick items first:

Marble It Up! is 20% off for the Steam Summer Sale – it’s the best time to play over 200 user-made custom levels!

Our Discord bot, Keeper, continues to improve! Watch out for more varied posts! Initiate rolling sequence…

Weekly Challenge – Follow the Path!

In this week’s challenge, we’ve put a speedbump in your speedrun strategies – gems spawning on checkpoints! Now you can play the brand new level, Archipelago!

The Land Locked Winner!

It turns out, no matter the strength, cats are fantastic jumpers. Spacekitten97 completely swept last week’s challenge! Go watch his replays and learn about some feline swiftness! (Times are top across both platforms)

Bump in the Night – Spacekitten97 00:10.94

Triple Divide – Spacekitten97 00:23.88

Acrophobia – Spacekitten97 00:26.98

Newton’s Cradle – Spacekitten97 00:31.54

Warp Core – Spacekitten97 00:25.72

Historical Weekly Challenge Runs!

CMurder has been documenting his weekly challenge runs since the release of The Challenge Update! Go check out ancient history like the Moon Walk challenge – it almost looks like present day footage!

RTA Speedruns Accelerate!

Hot off the presses is this new full-game RTA World Record run from DKman00 – it’s nearly 43 minutes of pure speed. With improvements being made all the time – we can’t wait to see how fast the run can be!

Brain Freeze!

Todd is making some ice-cream the modern-day way (it’s also ZERO calories – sweet!). Now we just need an ice-cream truck blasting the MIU! Official Soundtrack!

Practicing Division

We had an internal multiplayer session on Triple Divide, today! We’re close to a bit of an overhaul of the current multiplayer technical magic, so expect to see more back-stage tidbits.

We’ve hit a snag with the upcoming Switch patch, and snag-related communication usually takes a while. We’ll keep you informed of good news, but for now just know it’s in-progress and this week’s Challenge should be a smooth ride on Switch.

That’s all for this week! We’re psyched at the growing interest in RTA speedruns, and we’re thrilled with the responses to each new Weekly Challenge and the creative ways you all find to beat them!

Sign-off quip here.

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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