On the Maps – A Marble It Update!

On the Maps – A Marble It Update!
– September 25 –

Welcome to another Marble It Update Newsletter! This week we round up some of the more recent user-made levels, world records, challenge winners, and a brand new challenge!

Beach Ball 2 Winners (With 2 Winners)

Super Jump
snwboardr1987 – 00:02:70

snwboardr1987 – 00:04:91

Hatchet – 00:03:89

Totally Tubular
snwboardr1987 – 00:17:00

snwboardr1987 – 00:22:58

Weekly Challenge: Slip And Slide!

We’re slip slidin’ away this week with reduced friction! Good luck stayin’ alive on this week’s crop of levels!

Breaking the World Records!

Over the Garden Wall
Hatchet – 00:08.49

Retrograde Rally
Seb – 00:33.42

Sugar Rush
SkullFire58 – 00:08.86


A remake of a classic Mario Kart track, trusting your instincts over your eyes, and a couple other new maps from a new map-maker, Mike!


Flappy Marble uses the Challenge Modifiers to great effect in this inspired homage to Flappy Bird from JRoni!


Our first Rube Goldberg map arrives in Let The Marble Take Its Course! Eplipswich also uses the new challenge modifiers to bring us Big and Small – the same map played as both mini and mega marble!


Calligraphy brings new take on his original map, Event Horizon, and gives us six new planetoids to jump around on in Even Horizon Omega!


Simplicity is Key and Don’t Sweat It! are new maps from another map-maker newer to the MIU scene, Alexnico! Check out these levels, and maybe take their titles’ advice to heart?

Aho Shoujo

Stairs of Ice and Fire comes to us from Aho Shoujo in one of their first maps on the MIU Workshop! Beware the Lannistairs…


The Complexity Pack is here! Stroll through these 4 increasingly detailed maps from Daimh – and be sure to gaze at those clouds!

You can find all of these custom levels among the nearly 300 in the Marble It Up! Steam Workshop – make sure to rate your favorites!

That’s all for this week, we’ll be back next time with more marbly mayhem. Until then, keep calm and marble on. And try this week’s slippery challenge!

Marble Collective

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