Mayhem – A Marble It Update!

Mayhem – A Marble It Update!
– November 13 –

It’s finally here! On Friday, we launched Marble It Up: Mayhem! on Apple Arcade. We said our summer months were busy – and now you get to see why! Currently available for iOS, tvOS, and iPadOS – coming very soon to macOS and then Steam and Nintendo Switch. We’re in for some busy and exciting fall and winter months! Now let’s look at what’s new this week. Time for some Mayhem.


We’re loving the amount of feedback we’re seeing from the community; you put a lot of effort into expressing your thoughts and feelings – so it’s only fair we put the same effort discussing them as a dev team. Topics like classic mode, blast timings, in-game information – discussions like these help us evolve the game together.

Weekly Challenge: To the Moon (Moon Walk III)

Float your cares away onward and upward into the relaxing Vertigo. No gravity, no power-ups – no worries… Ahhh, another refreshing jaunt on the Moon. Happy rolling, marblers.

And Back Again IV Winners!

Congratulations to our group of winners from last week’s challenge!

Great Wall
DKman00 – 00:20:84

Onward and Upward
SkullFire58 – 00:18:58

Newton’s Cradle
I AM GreeD – 00:20:96

DKman00 – 00:26:75

Warp Core
Hatchet – 00:27:59

One World Record!

We have a single world record this week!

Off Kilter
Umbra – 00:12.61

What’s Next?

Again, we’re thrilled to be out on the Arcade and to finally be able to talk about the work we’ve been doing. If you’re playing Mayhem! and are enjoying it – leaving a rating and/or a review for the game would help us out tremendously.

Not only that, but the whole team reads them (multiple times) and it makes us all want to push even harder to make MIU! the best it can be!

What’s next? We’re working on bringing Mayhem! to Nintendo Switch and Steam. A Steam Beta will be just around the corner as one of the big steps toward that goal. Until then…

Thanks for rolling with us, folks. Have a great week!

Marble Collective

Symbiosis designed by Three for Marble It Up: Mayhem!

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