Trophy – The Marble It Update!

– March 4 –

This week, beta weekend 5 ends, we celebrate speed, show off another somethin’ new, cycle into a new challenge, and more!

Let’s roll. Yee haw!

Weekly Challenge: Bowling II

Time to squeeze into some awful shoes – it’s bowling week! Extra friction, extra gravity – rolling an 800lb ball is going to be tough… especially when the bumpers cause gutter-balls instead of protecting against them.

Last Week’s Challenge: Ground Control II


Atham – 00:31:36

snwboardr1987 – 00:08:86

Bumper Invasion
Atham – 00:20:64

RisingStar96 – 00:22:46

Diamond in the Sky
Atham – 00:41:25

Records (of the World variety)

We have one Individual Level record this week and an update to the top 8 Real Time Attack board. And what’s this? A new All Trophies category?! Mind blown.

Hatchet – 01:18.60

Weekend Beta 5 Recap

This past weekend, we dove headlong into the fifth beta weekend on Steam! We furthered our vision of team games, played on Arcadia in miniature as a test, and we used our BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS to tweak one of our newer modes… Zombies!

We had a blast this weekend (coincidentally, we tuned blast radius and power to make blast better), and we hope you did too!

That’s all for this week’s newsletter. Until next week…

Spaceward ho!

– Marble Collective –

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