Big Roller – The Marble It Update!

Big Roller
– May 27 –

The news: a new challenge, a sweep, a power-up, a podcast. This week? The Marble It Update uses a super speed!
Ready, Set, Go!

New Weekly Challenge: Air Control

It’s been a while since we had some proper air control, so we picked some of the best levels to supplement the best level: Radius. Feeling cooped up? Need to get some air? We’ve got it under control.

Last Week’s Challenge: Moon Walk

Big Easy
snwboardr1987 – 00:32.659

Thread the Needle
snwboardr1987 – 00:26.552

snwboardr1987 – 00:16.219

Ex Machina
snwboardr1987 – 00:17.936

Uphill Both Ways
snwboardr1987 – 00:39.644

World Records

We have a pretty awesome selection of new world records this week! Go watch the replays in-game and be inspired!

Dire Straits
The Mop – 00:20.125

Sun Spire
Catzs – 00:40.555

Wo0dY – 00:11.903

Pinguin – 00:06.354

Catzs – 01:15.708

Mega. Marble.

Mega Marble: The Power-Up! is in the works. It’s about time this big boy rolled back into our lives. This new power-up will be added to existing multiplayer maps in the next update to Mayhem. More about that later, as well.

In other news – Mark and I had the pleasure to guest on the Marble Sports Worldwide podcast this week (we’ll be on episode 50)! You can hear us talk about the recent Competitive Update on Apple Arcade, a bit of history on the Marble genre, and some potential avenues the genre could take in the future! We’ll keep you posted as to when the fully edited episode releases 🙂

Till next week!

Marble Collective


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