Tether – The Marble It Update!

– July 22 –

We return to the dark side of the moon this week, look at a trio of records, and reveal a new level! Join us for this quick edition of the Marble It Update Newsletter!
Let’s roll.

Weekly Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon

This week, get tangled up in some reversed low-gravity shenanigans! Retroretrograde Rally returns as well, but with some extra floatiness – and we get our Marbleus Ex Machina on… Time to fall with style!

Last Week’s Challenge: Crab Walk

A potential sweep by Mazik is thwarted by steelow (more like stealow!) in the return of the Crab Walk challenge!

Learning to Turn
Mazik – 00:05.414

Stay Frosty
Mazik – 00:18.034

Mazik – 00:11.657

Big Easy
steeIow – 00:34.714

Diamond in the Sky
Mazik – 01:02.034

World Records

A trio of totally terrific world records this week!

Up the Wall
snwboardr1987 – 00:02.523

Off Kilter
KingOfRain – 00:12.584

Catzs – 00:03.443

Tether Ball?

Tether is a level with gates, gravity, moving platforms – some staples of our upcoming update!

More levels and a look at new cosmetics next week – stay tuned!

Onward and upward, marblers.

Marble Collective

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