The Next Chapter of Marble It Update!

– September 30th –

Welcome to the post-release Marble It Update! We’ve released in North America and we’ve been blown away by the response! Our timelines have been filled with early reviews, marathon streams, and some wild speedrun clips!

Let’s do a play-by-play of the week, shall we?

MONDAY – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

The Launch Trailer! We saw new levels, a peek at Ghost Races, and some snazzy new Marbles!

WEDNESDAY  – ‘The Gravity of Gordian’ with Alex Swanson

‘Gordian rewards a really strong sense of spatial awareness. I think that it is rare for an action platformer game to have levels that feel like a puzzle box or brain teaser. Gravity levels are one of the best ways to achieve this and I think it is something that really sets Marble It Up! apart.’ – Alex Swanson, Evil Genius

You can read the full interview here!

FRIDAY – The Marble Roadmap

Mark outlines the new features in the future of Marble It Up!

SATURDAY – Marble It Up! on Nintendo Switch

We also launched our Discord server! You can join the conversation and share your wild Marble It Up! experiences here!

What Comes Next?

We’re already hard at work on our first patch! You can expect bug fixes, visual updates, camera options, a home icon update, and more!

We’ll also be showing off a sneak peek at content from our first Free DLC map pack! Look for these maps to drop in the second patch!

The team is thrilled to be in the North America eShop – and we’re in the process of coming to other regions. Keep an eye on the @MarbleItUp Twitter and we’ll have specifics as soon as we’re able.

Thank you all for the support – now go find those Marbles!

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –



  1. Can you please add better HD Rumble support. I love the game and it would be amazing to feel the rolling of the marble and other subtlties.


    1. Hi Pete! We’ve got a couple more thing to pack into the update before we submit it to Nintendo for approval (it could take several days to clear) – so no specific date yet!


      1. Several days? Ouch, I was really looking forward to trying out that full inverted camera as soon. This is a real shame because I’ve been waiting for these new options to be added so I could experience the full game with the most comfortable setup.


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