It’s The Marble It Update! October 7th

It’s The Marble It Update!
– October 7th –

October is here! As is our first full week of Marble It Up!  – and what a thrilling week it’s been! Soundtracks, streams, a subreddit visit, and a slight change? Happy Sunday! Let’s dive in.

Marble It Up! – The Official Soundtrack

All twelve tracks in one beautiful video!

Our soundtrack, composed by the wonderful Carl Solovox, is now available for purchase at CDBaby! These twelve musical marblescapes will be available on iTunes and Spotify (as well as a few other places) soon!

Sweet Streams are Made of This

We’re still waiting for Twitch to approve the box art – so we ‘shopped it in for fun!

Would ya look at that! Over 8,000 viewers – and only a couple rows from the top of Twitch! We’ve been dropping by streams big and small to chat with players, and we couldn’t be happier with how entertaining Marble It Up! is to watch (and play, of course).

We’ve also seen new ways to play game (like a reversed camera challenge, and using Rewind in wild Tool-Assisted-Speedruns) and heard some incredible suggestions from the community. If you haven’t yet, you can join the conversation at and !

Speaking of Community…

We’ll be speaking with the r/NintendoSwitch community in our very first AMA on Wednesday, October 10th at 3pm PST/6pm EST! Get those burning questions ready and get ready to ask us anything!

We’ll be getting ready, too 🙂

And Then?

It’s been a busy week- so why the light Update!?
Great question! The Marble It Update! Newsletter will be moving to Wednesdays. We have our weekly team meeting on Wednesdays, so it only makes sense that the Update! go out with the freshest info!

Since the AMA is Wednesday evening and only a few days from now – you can expect the next Update! on October 17th.

In the meantime, we’ll be submitting our first patch to Nintendo – and we’ll have more detailed patch notes as we get closer, but for now, you can look forward to Marble visual upgrades, bug fixes, a small new camera option, and a couple more quality of life fixes.

We can’t wait to answer your questions on Wednesday! Until then…

May you find the Marbles you seek!

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –


  1. Is there any more update on when this patch is supposed to go live? I know it was said before that it would take several days, but I’m getting concerned now. Also I noticed that comments are unavailable for the newer posts. Um, don’t… do that? Disabling comments is often a VERY thinskinned move for devs who don’t like criticism.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Pete – the patch is coming, it’s just taking longer to get through Nintendo than anticipated. The process moving forward should be more smooth.


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