It’s Wednesday. It’s the Marble It Update! for Oct. 17th

It’s Update! Time!

The month of ghosts and ghouls soldiers on, and so do we! It’s a light week for the Update! – but let’s enjoy the breath before the plunge, shall we? And a screenshot of a new map, of course…

AMA – Marble It Up! Edition

We were lucky enough to be hosted by r/NintendoSwitch last week for an AMA. I don’t know if any of us had done an AMA before – but it was quite the thrill! We’ll hopefully be doing more in the future.

You all had AMAzing questions and we really had a lot of fun chatting with everybody!

You can read through all the stellar questions and our answers here. (The “what are you having for dinner” question was one of our favorites – the user has a spreadsheet full of ‘dev dinners’)

Speaking of Questions…

We’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page to both the Discord and a page on the website. We’ll be updating this page often with new questions and, perhaps more exciting, new answers!

New Map Teaser – Diamonds in the Sky

Diamonds In The Sky 02.png

If you recognize this type of geometry… you’re probably too excited to be reading this sentence. If this doesn’t look vaguely familiar to you… get ready for the downhill dash of your life!

The Future

Our Mid-Week Marble Meeting was pretty exciting today. There’s news on the horizon that we’re excited to share, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves!

For now, we’ll be showing bite-sized pieces from the upcoming free DLC. And there are still marbles to be made and named… that might be a job for Discord and Twitter, eh?

We’re expecting the bugfix patch and EU/Australia to release soon. Both of those things are submitted – so we’re just waiting for Nintendo to approve the polish on the Marbles. Till next time…

Be Marbelous to each other!

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –

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