The Marble It Update! October 24th

The Marble It Update!
– October 24th –

Friends, we’ve got a lot to show:
A map, a marble, two features, below.
One, you’ve requested
Another, we’ve tested
It’s time for the Update – let’s go!

Marble It Up! Around the World

Eu and Aus Announcement000.jpg

By this time next week, Europe and Australia players will be well on their way to collecting every Marble and earning Diamond on every map!

New Map Teaser – BRAID

Screenshot (148).png

There are many paths ahead. Which ones will you choose?

New Marble Reveal – OVERDRIVE


With new maps come new Marbles. Now… we won’t be revealing them all (because spoilers!) but expect some absolutely phenomenal Marbles rolling your way soon!

A Requested Feature – The Friend Scoreboard


This has been one of the most requested additions to the game! You can race your friends’ scores in Marble It Up! with the first Free map pack!

A Tested Feature – The Level Editor


We’re also hard at work testing the Level Editor for the PC version of the game. There’s more ground to cover, but we’re pumped to sneak a peek of progress!


Our Update, this week, is through…
But there’s no need to feel blue!
Here’s an opportunity
To join our community
We love to hear from players like you!

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –

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