The Marble It Update! November 21st

The Marble It Update!
– November 21st –

Marble It Up! on Steam

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On Friday, PC and Mac owners were able to start playing Marble It Up! – and we’ve already implemented tweaks and bug fixes to smooth out some rough edges!

Marble It Up! on Stream


On Sunday, Marble It Up! entered the top 10 streamed games of the day on Twitch! We always love to watch and interact in chat – but I think our messages may have been buried in all the excitement!
MIU! hit a peak concurrent audience of 59,527 viewers, and a total Sunday audience of 197 thousand viewers.

Workshop It Up!

1568796638_preview_2018-11-21 02-34-03.mp4_snapshot_01.29_[2018.11.21_02.38.01].jpg

The Steam Workshop has nearly 30 user-created levels already! Keep up the awesome creativity! We know the level-making process can be daunting, so we’re working on a one-stop page for not only explaining the basics, but pointing in the direction of advanced techniques and resources.
Map Shown – Gyroscope by Nanimo(null)

What’s On Our Plate?

We’re knee-deep in extra polishing of the combined Nintendo Switch patch; with the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we have a few extra days to hammer on the build while shooting to submit early next week (you can find last week’s Update! addressing this ‘combined patch’ here).

We’re in-process of implementing an internal change to how the Leaderboards work! This separates LBs by version number – so you shouldn’t see replays that aren’t made on the build version you are playing.

Future Content: Map Pack 2 is in the design stages and will be a very challenging Chapter 6 (no re-ordering required). Multiplayer is our priority after the second map pack – we’ll be showing and saying more in early 2019!

It’s been an incredible week, and we’re thankful to be surrounded by such an enthusiastic and engaged community!

Go have a fantastic time with family, friends, and food!

Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –