A Custom Marble It Update! Nov 28

The Marble It Update!
– November 28th –

It’s been a wild week. We’ve spent a lot of time with our families, friends, and food. And marbles. And streams. And bugs and builds and bashers and more!
It’s a light Update! from our end today… so let’s show off the 5 Most Popular user-made custom maps this week!

Marble Acrobatics by 101Koopas_in_a_boxdownload.png

Practice your acrobatics! With edge hits, wall jumps, and classic trickery… this feels like a blast from the past.

Triple Decker by Big Yellowpreviewfile_1568564731.png

Try your best to keep your footing – that icy cylinder is one tough customer. Same goes for the basher!

Castlewalls by David184previewfile_1569899244.png

This one is indeed short and sweet – but a simple map never hurt anybody! Alternate title? Castle Bashers.

Hopscotch by LukeZaz

1571515693_preview_Screenshot (70).png
It’s just a hop, skip, and a juuuu-Feather Fall-uuuuump! Brings back old memories…

All Downhill From Here by Three

The most popular map this week. It’s got everything: ice, crystals, ice, a spiral, ice, a clever gravity surface brake, and more speed than you need.

And… more ice.

As winter approaches… we’re glad our computers can generate so much heat!
As always – we’ll keep you updated throughout the week via Twitter, and we’ll be chatting up a storm in Discord. More info on all things Marble It Up! next week!

Stay warm, folks!
Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –