A Chilly Marble It Update – Dec. 5

A Chilly Marble It Update!
– December 5th –

December is here! This week we’ve spent a lot of time discussing future plans, planning future discussions, and playing/testing a WHOLE LOT of Marble It Up! on Nintendo Switch. Also, over 700,000 total viewers stopped by on Twitch to watch MIU!

Combined Patch in Certification for Nintendo SwitchIMG_6596.JPG

We’ll keep you updated on Twitter and in Discord as we wait for Nintendo to work their magic and approve our combined patch!

Streams! Again!Untitled (1).png

We’re continually blown away by all the streams going on! It’s humbling and exciting to watch people play – and especially to see their reactions watching top replays! We’ve seen 4 hours straight of ‘Learning To Roll’, full game speedruns, and people playing user-made levels; we can’t get enough of it!

Looking Forward…

It’s pretty much holidays from now till the start of 2019 – and we have a lot to celebrate and even more look forward to! In the coming weeks, we’ll be blazing ahead on maps and multiplayer. More to come!

We’ll see you in the next Update! – enjoy the holiday season!
Marble Fletch
– The Marble It Up! Team –

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