Marble It Update! – Hot Off The Presses!

Marble It Update! – Hot Off The Presses!
– March 13th –

Item: The Marble It Update Newsletter!
To be delivered: Every Wednesday
Includes: A new Marble you’ll love, community maps to conquer, beta results, and a mind-warping entry to The Challenge Update! 

Think We Aced This One?

If not, we’ll see you in court! Er… ON the court!

Community Level: Event Horizon

Do you have what it takes to wrestle gravity, collect gems, and dilate time? Event Horizon by Mr Calligraphy is our featured community level of the week, and it’s a celestial trip!

Community Level Roundup

More new entries into the ever-growing roster of community levels! Go check out these recent levels and more in the Steam Workshop! (Levels by Eplipswich, MG88, EvilTaco44, 101Koopas)

A Weekend Test Success!

We ran 40 Challenge levels through the gauntlet of skilled and dedicated players this last weekend – and we learned a lot! Congratulations to SkullFire, who played 35 of the Challenges and Death Pony, who placed 1st in 10 Challenges!


Chapter 6 is home to many mind-bending levels. This very early look is almost enough to send me running… We’ll show more progress shots of this one as edges get rounded out, art brings it to life, and somebody actually figures out what is going on!

We’ve got some great things in store as the next update races towards the finish line! In the coming weeks, we’ll show off more upcoming content, some really cool behind the scenes bits, and some super-secret stuff. We can’t wait to share more. In the meantime…

Beware the Ides of March!

– The Marble It Up! Team –


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