A Spring Marble It Update!

A Spring Marble It Update!
– March 20th –

This week? Under the hood multiplayer magic continues, a new official level is revealed, the community map pool grows, and a new Marble spirals its way into the newsletter! Let’s get rolling!

Marbles in the Cosmos!

Join me, and together we can roll the Galaxy!

Community Level Roundup!

A Super Mario 64 remake from JRoni, a bowling level from OrbWinder, and an experimental darkroom level from 101Koopas (make sure to turn HDR Glow off before playing this one)! Go check out these recent levels and more in the Steam Workshop!

A Race To The Top!

Unlike the level we showed last week – you only have to worry about ONE direction of gravity: down. But that doesn’t make it easy!

Background MP-Making

While we’re working on getting the Challenge Update up and running, Ben has been paving the way for a Marbelous multiplayer experience. We’ll be sharing more after the Challenge Update drops!

It’s the first day of Spring and we’re pretty pumped for what’s next in the line-up! We’ll be talking about a nifty new test feature pretty soon, so stay on the lookout. Expect the hype to ramp up as we get closer and closer to the Challenge Update!

Spring means Marbles are in season! I think…

– The Marble It Up! Team –


  1. Are you guys going to be bringing some of the community levels to the switch. I only have the switch version and I want to play some community levels.


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