The Marble It Update Newsletter!

The Marble It Update Newsletter!
– March 27th –

Confluence gets its coat of paint, we feature a pair of user-made maps, a new Marble design gets charged up, and we reveal the newest level from the Chapter 6 roster. It’s a doozy, folks – brace yourselves for the Marble It Update Newsletter!

Confluence – Lookin’ Pretty

This mind-bender of a level is seeing the Todd artification treatment – a pretty dramatic change since last time we saw it!

This Week’s Featured User Maps!

First up this week is Sway – a challenging battle of wits, timing, and moving platforms, created by Marblr!  
Following last week’s experiment,
101Koopas Nightlight Heights is a stylish test of your confidence and your trust in neon lights – bring your glow sticks (but turn off HDR glow first)!

Explore these maps and more in the Steam Workshop!

Marble – Game On!

This controller-inspired Marble is, thankfully, wireless! The battery charges by rolling – in case you do that sort of thing…


Um. See, first you go this way… and then – and then this way… maybe?

April is right around the corner! The Challenge Update is coming along nicely, and we know you’re eager for a release date – we are, too! We’ll be moving into the QA side of the update pretty soon, so a release date announcement will be on the horizon shortly after that. We’ll keep you informed!

We’re glad you’re rolling with us!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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