The Cube It Update Newsletter!

The Cube It Update Newsletter!
– April 3rd –

We like April, especially the 1st – where all jokes great and terrible sort of get a pass! Now on to the serious business. Buckle up, folks. No more jokes – not a single one!

Cube It Up! – Announced April 1st

Maybe one day… Maybe one day.

This Week’s Featured User Maps!

This week our first featured map is Ten – the tenth level from Eplipswich! Unlock ten steps to the finish by pushing ten very clever button mechanisms housed in ten challenges!

MrCaligraphy’sTetromino Falls is a classic-inspired block treadmill! In this version though, you might actually want the square one… Korobushka!

Explore these maps and more in the Steam Workshop!

Order It Up!

Some ingredient preparation this week. Stay tuned for more step-by-step recipes and a long personal story you won’t read! Only on the Order It Up! cooking blog.

I’m An Internet Confluencer

Never mind – my dreams of internet fame have been crushed.

A Centripetally Forced Joke

“Are you seeing this bob, Bob?!” – Greg the Eyeball’s wide-eyed reaction to new tech. To be fair, he reacts that way to everything.

Next week, we’ll take a deep dive into some level design, maybe take a peek under the hood at more multiplayer goodies, and show more miraculous art transformations! It’s gonna be grand. And from the looks of that burger… tasty, too!

Team MIU! – rolling out at the speed of light!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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