On the Map – A Marble It Update!

On the Map – A Marble It Update!
– April 10th –

Maps are the focus this week as we highlight a unique community level, and take flight into the design of Stratosphere! There’s more waiting for you in this week’s Marble It Update Newsletter – onward!

Enter The Stratosphere!

Join us for a look at Alex’s design of Stratosphere – one of the most intense levels yet, coming soon in The Challenge Update!

Dynamicity – The Evolving Challenge

Late at night, a custom level reacts to the skilled players who bested it. New obstacles, walls, and tricks appear – specifically blocking the once effective routes…

A Mysterious Architect updates Dynamicity – and the cycle begins anew. You can be a part of the evolution here by getting a top 5 time (check the ‘most recent’ maps in the Workshop if the link no longer works)!

Explore this map and more in the Steam Workshop – and be sure to rate and comment on your favorites!

The Royale Returns!

Fresh Fast Food. The Fast & the Freshiest. Okay, I’m going to go eat now…

A Marble Named (by) Discord

Be on the lookout for a new #contest channel in Discord  – we’ll come up with a fitting name for this Marble together! Get those name suggestions rolling!

Another item will be popping up in Discord – we’ll be testing/experimenting with a new, but limited access, feature. More details shortly. The Challenge Update is coming along nicely, things are getting fresh paint and performance checks, with more news on the horizon. It’s a great time to be a Marble fan!

The first reveals itself. 

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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