Gearing Up – A Marble It Update!

Gearing Up – A Marble It Update!
– April 17th –

It’s a light newsletter this week, but you know what they say about calms and storms… This week we have a new Marble, an art pass on an official level, and a few clever custom community concoctions. Cool!

Tangle Revisited

I’ll hazard a guess… this one might take a coupLe tries!

Community Maps!

Nutmegg and MrCalligraphy teamed up to bring two egg-themed levels to the custom pool! Get crackin’!
OrbWinder‘s Box Knot is a classic platforming climb to the top – just be careful of those icy bits!
These maps and 200 others are available in the Steam Workshop – be sure to rate and comment on your favorites!

Color Me Impressed!

Pshhh MORE Marbles!? Who’d’ve guessed? 

What Is Your Name?

The naming #contest in Discord is coming to a close – keep your eyes peeled for a poll coming soon in the channel!

This week, we’re heads-down on getting The Challenge Update Switch-ready and into certification safe and sound. We’re pretty pumped to have the finish line around the corner, and we can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, friends – more in store!

The seconds roll on by…

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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