April Showers – A Marble it Update!

April Showers – A Marble it Update!
– April 24th –

The month of May approaches and we’ve got some awesome things coming your way in The Challenge Update that we’re pretty stoked about! Our beta test of user-made Marble skins is going well – and we’ll be showing off some of those soon! For now – take a look at this week’s Marble, maps, and more!

Marble Reveal – BRUSHSTROKES

Friends, lend me your ears! Wait – no, wait!

Community Maps!

Daimh adds to the map pool this week with a throwback to the good ol’ days – Retrogression!
Guck is known for short levels, but Quick is uh… pretty darn quick. Sometimes, bite-sized fun is the best kind!
These maps and 200 others are available in the Steam Workshop – be sure to rate and comment on your favorites!


CosmicCrowMC‘s entry wins and a new Marble is named! Thanks for joining us in our Discord contest. Who knows what might be next? And who knows which suggestions might live on with future Marbles!

Community Maps?

This week, we’re Learning to Roll all over again in Minecraft and Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate – all thanks to CosmicCrowMC and MrCalligraphy! (I’m 100% down for a rematch!)

The push for perfect performance persists! We’re eager to get the Weekly Challenges rolling, but we gotta make sure it’s all smooth! Next week, we’ll talk shop on more level design and a cool influencer-related part of the upcoming update!

Well, I third it through the grapevine…

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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