Danger Zone – A Marble It Update!

Danger Zone – A Marble It Update!
– May 1st –

Welcome to a brand new month! And to celebrate, this week’s newsletter brings another video! We take a drive to the Danger Zone with Alex, and we’ll throw some info your way afterwards. Not a bad way to start May, eh?

Information Station

While you might need some consoling after your first few tries at Danger Zone, but don’t worry – practice makes perfect! Speaking of consoles and horrible segues… we continue to receive a lot of questions and interest in the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Marble It Up! We’re super excited about them, too – and we know it feels like ages since we’ve said anything new on the topic.

After The Challenge Update hits, we’ll be posting an updated roadmap that addresses these and other goals rolling forward!

May is looking to be pretty swell, and we can’t wait to get Weekly Challenges and chapter 6 rolling onto Steam and Nintendo Switch. We’ve also got a cool perk for pro content creators and their fans incoming – we’ll show it off soon! 

We also had a quick MP session this week… I may have come in fourth…

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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