The Overview – A Marble It Update!

The Beach Ball – A Marble It Update!
– May 8th –

You May have a new video this week
With more info than just a sneak peek:
Our cool Challenge Overview.
 ‘May’ jokes are bad – who knew?
Now it’s time for something unique!

Code-Granted Marbles!

Another feature coming in the The Challenge Update is the code-granted Marble system! By entering a code on the cosmetics screen to unlock Marbles, you’ll be able to participate in special events, rep the coolest influencers, show support for particular charitable organizations, and whatever other awesome ideas we all come up with! 

We’re sending the patch for review
With a whole ton of things new
A lot will be better
Good luck with the fifth letter
Until next week, adieu!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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