Level, The Playing Field – A Marble It Update!

Level, The Playing Field – A Marble It Update!
– May 15th –

This week, we’re showing off a pair of colorful animated Marbles and some Community maps released in the last few weeks!
You can find all of the levels featured in this newsletter in the Steam Workshop!

Let’s roll!

Animated Marbles – Hue & Prismatic

Good ol’ Roy G. Biv would be proud!

Dynamicity’s End

101Koopa’s Dynamicity experiment has ended and all 14 versions of the level are now available. With each version adding new obstacles to subvert the best previous routes, Dynamicity is a a truly unique set of maps!

Rescale Therapy

A familiar sight comes to the Workshop in the form of OrbWinder‘s Surf Ratios – a strange resizing of the level Four Stairs that feels… really strange! This must be what Mega Marble feels like…

Under A Minute To Win It

Daimh brings another short n’ sweet level to the workshop with Remnants! Quick platforms (complete with caution/hazard markings) and a couple tricky ice placements make for some fast-paced fun!

I’m A Big Fan

Discord beat me to it, but it’s hard to resist a ‘big fan’ joke. Regardless, MrCalligraphy‘s Turbofan is definitely a map you should take for a spin!


As probably the first ship-building feline, Catzs has put together an awesome first MIU! map in Galleon Bash! Just don’t get seasick!

I’d Like More Water, Please

Another cat not afraid of water is Tasty Tomcat, who’s added two new maps to the pool! Waterslide is a totally tubular thrill-ride from start to finish! Trident uses the power of speed to maneuver in a different way. 

Taco Opus

How evil could EvilTaco really be when they make a whole level pack like this? Echo, Cold, Riddled, and Blur are a set of levels that really scratch the ‘I need to go absolutely as fast as possible and have a blast while doing so’ itch and more. 

The past week has been full of bug-squashing, troubleshooting, and poking at planning for steps post-Challenge Update. In the meantime, go break some records in Marble It Up! and we’ll see you next week!

‘Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’

– The Marble It Up! Team –


    1. These community levels are only available on the Steam Workshop currently. We DO plan to bring a selection of user-made maps to the Switch in the future 🙂


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