Welcome to The Challenge Update!

Welcome to The Challenge Update!

A new chapter of diabolical levels, rule-breaking challenges, a bunch of marbles, and tons of new features await you in our second FREE content drop, The Challenge Update!

Chapter 6: Play For Keeps

The all-new Chapter 6 brings you 10 new monstrous challenges sure to keep you on the ball. Ruthless spinners in Danger Zone, mind-melting gravity changes in Confluence, and the breakneck pace of Stratosphere might have you jumping back to Big Easy to calm your nerves.

Also, we’d like to credit community member Three for his fantastic level contributions to Chapter 6 – Head in the Clouds and Centripetal Force.

Weekly Challenges

The Challenge Update also brings an entirely new way to play each week with the Weekly Challenge system! Each week a selection of official levels will be made available to play with gameplay modifiers that completely change the routes. Reverse Sunspire with gems? Archipelago with double-jump and no powerups? With tons of modifiers and the ability to combine them, the possibilities really are endless!

And what’s a challenge without some competition? Participating and competing against your friends earns you new marbles and, of course, some bragging rights. You’ll be able to see your standing in realtime with the new datagraph, keeping you focused on improving your time and beating your friends. The previous week’s challenge is viewable as well so you can see the top replays and pick up some tips for the next time those modifiers roll around.

New Marbles

The Challenge Update introduces over 30 new marbles to unlock. Rewarded for level progression, trophies, challenges, and more!

In addition to the marbles included in the base game, we’ve also added some new features that give us the ability to add more marbles in the future without requiring big content updates. This new marble-download system is still a work in progress but we hope that it will pave the way for tons of new and interesting things in the future!

The entire team is thrilled to have this update out in the wild, and we couldn’t be happier for you to play it!

If you have any issues while playing or encounter any bugs, please drop us a line in our Official Discord or at pr@marbleitup.com. For more detailed patch notes, please visit our Steam News post.

Now go meet the challenge!

– The Marble It Up! Team –


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