What A Week! – A Marble It Update!

What A Week! – A Marble It Update!
– June 5 –

What. A. Week. Streams, videos, reviews, marble codes, challenges, bugs, world records, a bot, decimal places, an editor update, a sale, and even more plans? Sign us up!

Challenge Winners: Moon Walk

Our very first weekly challenge has ended! With gravity reduced to a floaty 17%, these moonwalkers were able to give Neil Armstrong a (very slow-motion) run for his money! See the fastest times from all platforms below:

Stay FrostySnwboarder1987 00:10:77

Great WallCMurder 00:17.03

Sun Spire Death Pony 00:13.49

Centripetal ForceDeath Pony 00:18.77

OlympusDeath Pony 02:04.47

This Week’s Challenge: … And Back Again!

Gain a new perspective on some classics, and tangle with REVERSED Tangle! Make sure to race against your friends’ ghosts to unlock awesome new marbles!

Bots, Betas…

This week we implemented Keeper to the Discord! He’s a neat little bot that learns from posts new world record times as they’re uploaded to the server! We’ll be expanding his functionality as time goes on, and we’re definitely open to suggestions! One day he may even write these newsletters, Fletch.

We also pushed out a beta build to Steam to start showing an extra decimal place for certain times! Now, frame-perfect can be even more frame-perfecter!

And Broken Things...”

We’ve been reading and replying to your bug reports, and while we can address them on the Steam version day-to-day, we have to have them all taken care of and ready to go before we submit fixes for the Switch version.

That said, this week we’ll be sending a build for certification that addresses incorrect challenge modifier values, code-granted marbles not downloading the texture, and should hopefully lessen the frequency of freezes.

Levels Galore!

There are a ton of new levels in the Workshop, and with The Challenge Update released, we’ve also added more toys for level-builders to use! In next week’s newsletter, we’ll do another recap of recent levels. It’ll be fun. There’ll be a lot of moving platforms. And lava. Probably.

We’re pumped to have the update out and playable! Watching the world records pile up, challenges completed in creative ways, and people grouping together to find new routes and hidden marbles has been an absolute joy. It really, really has.

We now get to focus on some of the next stages of Marble It Up! and we look forward to sharing our plans with you when the time is right. Until then, we’ve all got some weekly challenges to beat!

Let’s Roll!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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