Hello Beach Ball – A Marble It Update!

Hello Beach Ball – A Marble It Update!
– June 12 –

The third challenge begins, we find out who wins last week’s challenge, a ton of new levels make their way to the workshop, and backstage building continues!

Helloooo Beach Ball Challenge!

Feels like a day at the beach – float your way to super-sized glory with low gravity and triple jump! Trust us – you won’t be needing any powerups…

Challenge Winners: … And Back Again (to Win!)

Our second challenge brought us back to some classic maps, and made us Tangle with Tangle in reverse! The fastest times from all platforms are listed below – congratulations to the top spots!

Over the Garden Wall – Anson 00:07.45

Elevator Action – CMurder 00:35.84

Off Kilter – EMAG 00:12.03

Braid – CMurder 00:07.45

Tangle – Death Pony 00:06.06

In A Candy Store!

The Workshop has had some great additions in the past weeks, and with The Challenge Update, we added some new tools for map-makers to use! And use them, they have.

The recent levels above can all be found here – creepy backrooms, rising lava, tricky speedtraps, and new mechanics await!

Shout outs to our recent level creators: JRoniThreeDaimhMrCalligraphy101KoopasCobaltEvilTaco, and OrbWinder!

In under-the-hood news: we’re re-organizing art assets, rebuilding the way cosmetic items work, making tiles look prettier and cost less, and continuing to work out bugs and push a patch out for players on Nintendo Switch. We might just get a deep-dive into a future tile update soon… eyes peeled, folks.

And that’s just the cool stuff we can talk about! Enjoy the Beach Ball Challenge, humans!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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