Land Locked – A Marble It Update!

Land Locked – A Marble It Update! 
– June 19 – 

This week: A peek under the tiles, Switch patch, speedruns, a new challenge, and the beach ball masters!

New Challenge – Land Locked!

Weaker jumps, no power-ups? Good luck putting your roll skills to the test! Nutritionists say several smaller hops during the day is healthier anyway…

Last Week’s Beach Ballers!

Low gravity, multiple jumps, a big marble, and no powerups? Sounds like a day at the beach, indeed – so let’s look at the summary for this summer-y challenge! Looks like a seasonal combo with Snwboardr1987 nearly sweeping the week! (Best times across both platforms.)

Big Easy – Snwboardr1987 00:25.23

Archipelago – Snwboardr1987 00:10.84

Ex Machina – Snwboardr1987 00:16.95

Archiarchy – Wo0dY 00:31.43

Radius – Snwboardr1987 00:15.41

Switch Patch + Certification

A reminder that the Switch bugfix patch is being processed by Nintendo and we’ll let you know as soon as we have a date! this patch will fix code-granted marbles, wonky challenge times, and will combat freezes!

The Need for Speedruns!

MIU! is all about the speed, and AGEdude has been all about the speedruns this week! Full-game and full-chapter Real Time Attack (RTA) runs are approaches to the game that we’re big fans of. We’d love to see more runs on – and we’ll be thinking of ways to reward players who put in the effort to complete a full run of the game as fast as possible!

I can see for Tiles and Tiles and Tiles

Watch out this Friday for a blog post looking in-depth at the tiles in the game, and the changes involved with them! A sneak peek:

…This worked great for everything except moving platforms as the world position was constantly changing.

So we used the Standard Shader for elevators and the custom NoiseTile shader for everything else. This is what shipped with the release of Marble It Up and it has worked well. However now that the Challenge Update is complete and we have a bit of breathing room, we wanted to revisit the tiles because there were still two very significant issues…

That does it for us this week – we’re off to go speedrun, or play the challenge, or both! And as an added challenge – if anybody can beat StayinAlive without jumping – I’ll personally order you a pizza. Extra toppings.

Speaking of extra toppings, check out the screenshot below of a totally-not-multiplayer version of Triple Divide.

Is it pizza time?

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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