Deja Vu? – A Marble It Update!

Deja Vu? – A Marble It Update!
– July 11 –

Welcome to a Thursday edition of the Marble It Update Newsletter! We’ll start off with High Jump winners, show off this week’s challenge, show off a marble, and talk some Switch talk! Arrr you ready?

High Jump Olympians!

Mighty leaps, giant hops, huge bounds – the Cboardr duo out-jumped the competition this week (and it was some pretty slick competition)! Be sure to check out CMurder’s recap of runs here!

Super JumpSnwboardr1987 00:03:62

River VantageSnwboardr1987 00:06:87

Acrophobia CMurder 00:15:80

Danger ZoneCMurder 00:25:82

Archiarchy CMurder 00:28:74

There and Back Again is Back and Here Again!

Or just “And Back Again 2” for short! This week, we’ve reversed some classic get-to-the-top-asap levels. Go downhill in style – but make sure to collect all the new gems along the way! The 5th percentile awaits…

The Dread Pirate Roller

We knew the pirates wouldn’t be too far behind that treasure chest marble…

Lite Up My World

They almost got the colors right – we’ll send them a letter about it! Either way, Marble It Up! will be ready to roll on Nintendo Switch Lite in September! In other Switch News, due to some unfortunate circumstances, we’ll be having to re-submit our patch to Nintendo. We’ll let you know when a date is set!

SimpleFlips Plays MIU!

Check out our pal SimpleFlips and get access to a themed marble! He tackles Chapter 6 and a Super Mario 64 re-creation from JRoni! If you’ve played Play for Keeps, you know what’s in store for a first run at the chapter! (Some not E-rated language in video.)

Next week, we’ll be doing a community level roundup of recent additions (plus showing some marbles from #marble-test?). There’s some stellar stuff – you won’t want to miss it!

‘Till next week!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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