Custom Fit! – A Marble It Update!

Custom Fit! – A Marble It Update!
– July 17 –

It’s a custom roundup! Jokes, tests, level-maker debuts, the first challenge-modified map, a sprawling epic, and some just plain good levels await. We also show off a few custom marbles from the Discord community! Since there are creators with multiple levels, how about we go cartographer-by-cartographer this week?
Let’s Marble It Up!

The Marble Backtrackers!
Congratulations to this week’s winners!

River Vantage
snwboardr1987 – 00:08:81

Cog Valley
DKman00 – 00:18:76

Sun Spire
Spacekitten97 – 00:06:90

Bumper Invasion
Spacekitten97 – 00:20:46

The Pit of Despair
Spacekitten97 – 00:17:97

Ready for this week’s Challenge? It’s MEGA MARBLE time, folks! Check out which levels are included this week by playing – and make sure to watch the replays of our awesome And Back Again 2 winners!


With Gravity Strip and Ascendance, Daimh’s horde/hoard of custom levels grows even larger! One is a race to to the top, the other is a race to the… uh… bottom? Gravity is weird – let’s just say the end pad is down?


Luuklin’s debut level, Rock Orbit, is a race against the rock! And clock! With the end-pad in plain view from the start, all you need is one quick lap. But best be careful on the turns.


EvilTaco making a level called Torment seems pretty on-brand, no? It’s a great, white-knuckle, no-railing climb past unique obstacles and some slick visuals! EvilTaco and Daimh also collaborated on the perilous icy landscape of The Power Trio and the Frozen Tundra.


Can’t Jump” says the title of Eplipswich’s most recent level… And it doesn’t lie! Using the modifiers available from The Challenge Update, this is the first modified-rules level in the workshop! And it’s super tough! No jumping!


Polygon Plunge is rather straightforward – at first! Enter this polygon junkyard: a hauntingly abstract depiction of societal collapse (I might be wrong, though). Take the plunge and roll your way through a maze of tight corners and claustrophobia!


Round and around we go in Reel Revolution: a colorful sprint through narrow hallways and across rotating floors. Calligraphy also added Inappropriate the workshop. It’s a smash hit.

Chroma Spark

Chroma Spark has come out of the gate swinging with 6 levels in the workshop! Gamma is a standout – but wow what a showing across the board!


Burst! is a classic 101Koopas level: wild aesthetics with unique mechanics to match, and a solid dose of difficulty.

And then we have Chill Zone B^). It’s an experience. Don’t let the 30-minute Gold time scare you – this is ‘open world’ meets ‘marble roller’. It is indeed chill!

Custom Marbles!

For the past couple of months, we’ve been testing a service within the Discord for allowing players to have their own custom marbles. We’ve started with some strict rules and regulations until we’re in a place to make it a more widely-available feature. However, we wanted to show off a few of the customs so far!

The marbles above are: CMurder’s visage, David184‘s ATMO (Astro-Tech Modular Orb), and GamingEXP’s Around The Clock

We’re looking forward to showing more! You can find the requirements for these in the #marble-test channel of our Discord.

Whew – that’s a lot of community creativity! We’ve linked each section to the level-maker’s workshop/map pages – remember to rate the levels you enjoy playing! Go play and support our community creators, or maybe even try your hand at making levels yourself!

Until we roll again…

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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