To the Moon – A Marble It Update!

To the Moon – A Marble It Update!
– July 24 –

This week, we’re celebrating 50 years since humanity first set foot on the lunar surface!

Two wins each for Spacekitten97 and snwboardr1987 – and a win on Nintendo Switch from The Mop (From Mars)!

Spacekitten97 – 00:07:92

Bumper Invasion
snwboardr1987 – 00:18:41

Dire Straits
The Mop – 00:20:19

Platinum Playground
Spacekitten97 – 00:28:73

The Pit of Despair
snwboardr1987 – 00:28:94

The CMurder Historical Society

You can watch the MEGA MARBLE top Steam times in CMurder’s video recap – as well as seeing the top 5 times via the in-game replay system. Study It Up!

MOON WALK – The Sequel

This week’s challenge takes us back to the Moon Walk! Try not to get launched into space by the table-flipping in Flip the Table or thrown off by the obstacles in Gearheart!

101 Reasons to Play

This week, 101Koopas released two new custom maps inspired by his Homeric epic , Chill Zone. Upper Stories is trapdoor galore, while Bridge Construction will raise you up – literally! Bring a hardhat for that one…
These maps and more can be found in the Steam Workshop.

Behind the Multiplayer Scene

This week, some slick background multiplayer magic is happening. Collision, physics, networking – some awesome key pieces are coming together!

Our community has some fantastic dedicated broadcasters who stream all the time! If you follow Marble It Up! on Twitch, it’ll be easy to see all the marble action when these awesome folks go live!

Starting in mid-August, we’ll be seeing some community spotlights in the newsletters – showcasing streamers, speedrunners, level-makers, and more! It’ll be a blast!

Stay tuned for more news and to see what’s up with Marble It Up!

The Moon is a harsh marble…

– The Marble It Up! Team* –

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