Goodbye, July – A Marble It Update!

Goodbye, July – A Marble It Update!
– July 31 –

July comes to a close, and our busy summer turns into August! This week we see a brand new type of challenge – with more on the way!

Moon Walk 2 Challenge Winners
Maybe in 50 years we’ll be celebrating this second moon walk? For the record… I think space kittens had the home-field advantage on this one.

Precious Gems
Shiori – 00:21:00

Triple Divide
snwboardr1987 – 00:15:74

Wave Pool
Spacekitten97 – 00:35:94

Mew – 00:24:83

Flip the Table
Spacekitten97 – 00:32:90

You can catch the current community challenge chronicler, CMurder, face last week’s space race in the video above! You can also view the top 5 runs of each level in-game!

Weekly Challenge: Air Control

Uh, Control? We’re seeing marbles up here and they’re, uh… they’re flying!
Rolling isn’t going to cut it in this week’s challenge – you’ll have to learn to fall with style as mid-air control is increased and rolling power is decreased (that’s what those numbers mean, or so I’m told).

Make sure to check out Marble It Up! on Twitch – you can almost always find some of the most dedicated players attacking the newest challenges, speedrunning the game, going for records, and trying out custom levels!

It’s a light update this week, but you’d better believe we’re hard at work chiseling marbles out of marble… or whatever it is we do. Keep the faith, Switch players – progress toward a patch date continues! August is gonna rock.

Onward, we roll!

– The Marble It Up! Team –

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