Superball Sunday – The Marble It Update!

Superball Sunday
– January 29 –

This Sunday’s the day for racing – this week marks the start of an awesome community-driven speedrun event! It’s the first item of the day, followed by the return of the Superball challenge, winners, new World Records, Beta 3 feedback — and more?!

Hold on to your hats, folks – it’s the Marble It Update!

Hooray for a Sunday RTA!

The Community Real Time Attack race starts Sunday February 2nd, at 1:30pm PST (4:30pm EST, 9:30pm GMT)! Grab your snacks and buckle up – this race moves fast!

What is Real Time Attack? An RTA speedrun in Marble It Up! is a race to complete all levels in the game in the shortest total time possible – the in-game timer doesn’t matter, so time travels can be entirely skipped! This leads to wild new strategies that differ from the World Record runs you can see using the in-game replays.

It’s wild. And you can watch all of the Twitch streams here! You can look forward to runs from these players, and maybe more on the day of (you can follow the links below to each player’s Twitch channel)!


And that’s not all – CMurder is also sponsoring bounties for these runs! We can’t wait to see all the hilarity and shenanigans that ensue this weekend! You can also follow along in our Discord.

New Weekly Challenge: Superball II

Time to put your innate marble prowess to the test! No power-ups, extra bounce force, jump height, and friction force?!

It’s blast – no – it’s a ball.

A superball.

Last Week’s Challenge: Crab Walk

Not to be confused with a cake walk – this one was tough.

Up the Wall
snwboardr1987 – 00:03:06

Over the Garden Wall
Catzs – 00:13:35

Dire Straits
Catzs – 00:33:04

Catzs – 00:34:58

snwboardr1987 – 00:03:35

World Records

We have a huge number of records this week – a lot of them you’d have to see to believe!

Super Jump
Pinguin – 00:03.34

Spacekitten97 – 00:37.86

Wo0dY – 00:23.58

Onward and Upward
Wo0dY – 00:04.77

Diamond in the Sky
Catzs – 00:37.19

Head in the Clouds
Spacekitten97 – 00:23.91

Triple Divide
CMurder – 00:08.21

Beta Weekend 3 – Thanks for Playing!

This past weekend we pushed out the steam multiplayer beta for the third weekend, and we were able to get a lot of useful feedback on the main feature of the weekend’s beta – Free for All King of the Hill!

There are things we like about the mode, things we don’t like about the mode, and things we’d like to change for the future, but can’t with our current setup. FFA KotH is a difficult mode to balance while keeping it engaging and accessible for players of all skill levels – so expect something different from the next Beta tests!

And the Marble wept, for there were no more hills to conquer… alone, at least.

Make sure to roll the Community RTA race into your Sunday sports line-up! We’ll be watching and cheering along as the community speeds through the game and shows us how to really play!

Until then… toodle-loo, chaps!

Marble Collective

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