Fast February – The Marble It Update

Fast Forward
– February 5 –

This week, we focus on fast. Here’s to the Newsletter Any% category. Community RTA Race, Challenge, Winners, records, and more!

Hooray for RTA!

Sunday, a brave group of marble racers gathered and streamed their Real-Time-Attack speedruns! Thanks to all the runners and viewers who took time out of their Sunday for marbles! Congratulations to all the runners – here are the top 10 current Full-Game RTA standings from!

You can also watch the videos of each run at the link above!

Weekly Challenge: Fast Forward II

Gotta go fast this week! Who needs power-ups when you’re a speedy quick marble?! Preposterous! Zip around and sate the need for speed. Full Speed Ahead! (and Platinum Playground, not pictured in the screen above).

Last Week’s Challenge: Superball II

The eternal (really like 3 or 4 weeks long) battle between Catzs and snwboardr1987 continues!

Wave Pool
Catzs – 00:30:28

Sugar Rush
snwboardr1987 – 00:14:41

Four Stairs
Catzs – 00:28:22

Crystalline Matrix
snwboardr1987 – 00:09:42

Head In The Clouds
Catzs – 00:12:38

World Records!

Super Jump
Pinguin – 00:03.30

Thread the Needle
Cobalt – 00:32.36

Four Stairs
Cobalt – 00:09.40

Cobalt – 00:20.06

Wo0dY – 00:23.12

That’s all for this week! Look for some Beta Weekend 4 news soon, as well as another piece of new marble headware! See you in the next edition of the Marble It Update Newsletter!

Quick as a flash!

Marble Collective

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