Stay Holmes… – The Marble It Update!

Stay Holmes…
– March 18 –

And wash your hands. This week, a nigh-impossible challenge is cleared, we jump into a new challenge, we show off an upcoming multiplayer map, and more. Let’s get to it!

Weekly Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon III

This week’s challenge is a fresh breather from the barely-possible Slip and Slide Challenge from last week. Though ‘fresh breather’ might not be the best choice of words for going to the moon. This might still be a tough one… uh oh.

Last Week’s Challenge: Slip and Slide II

We’ve included two videos from CMurder and Catzs of the successful Danger Zone paths. Another “impossible” challenge overcome – woo hoo!

Steam: snwboardr1987 – 00:27:20

River Vantage
Switch: CMurder – 00:28:06

Dire Straits
Switch: CMurder – 00:31:39

Switch: CMurder – 00:21:57

Danger Zone
Steam: Catzs – 00:47:87

The only new record this week (in both RTA and IL) is this one:

UmbraSonset – 00:20.58

Onward March

This month, we’re continuing to work on the next Mayhem! patch for Apple Arcade! We’ve shown hats, we’ve shown maps, and we’ve played some new multiplayer modes – so here’s a first look at an in-progress multiplayer map: Pythagoras!

Stay healthy, folks!

Marble Collective

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