Warlock – The Marble It Update!

Eldritch… fast?

– March 25 –

This week, we continue working our magic! New trails (like Warlock, above), hats, levels, modes, and more are coming soon to Marble It Up: Mayhem! All sorts of great things are on the horizon, but for now – we’ll stick to this week’s great things! Let’s bounce!

Weekly Challenge: Rebound II

And bounce we shall! This week’s challenge pushes us to let gravity do the heavy lifting! No jumping, and we get to feel a bit like rubber. Neat. Good luck on Four Stairs, it’s a bit tricky!

Last Week’s Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon III

Stay Frosty
snwboardr1987 – 00:11:93

Great Wall
CMurder – 00:18:13

david.c.hagglund – 00:34:57

Ex Machina
snwboardr1987 – 00:18:92

snwboardr1987 – 00:16:86

World Records

Big Easy
Pinguin – 00:30.55

Thanks for Playing!

This weekend we hosted a bit of an impromptu Steam Beta weekend and were able to play on some upcoming maps, as well as some more WIP maps! Thanks to everyone who stopped by – your feedback is always helpful to have!


Some more marble screens to brighten your day! More news soon, but in the meantime – stay safe and play some games!

See you April 1st!

Marble Collective

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