r You Ready? – The Marble It Update!

r You Ready?
– April 1 –

This week, Marble It Up! begins to approach its ultimate form – Marble It Up: Radius! This is a change we’ve been planning for quite some time, but now we can actually talk about it. We couldn’t be more excited to make this sweeping change to the game – and I know all of you are just as pumped! I can barely write this update, because all I want to do is go play The Level.

Time is a Flat π r2

To know your future, sometimes it’s best to know your past! In the gif below – you’ll see a prelude to verdant glory… REDius! Before the green gorgeousness of the current (and future) iteration of Radius came a swath of reds and oranges.

Don’t worry – this version will be available as one of the over 100 Radius Replacements.

Radius Replacements? The Newest Feature

When we were planning Marble It Up: Radius!, the team couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of loss when playing a level that wasn’t Radius.

So we fixed that up real quick.

To streamline the game, but leave enough variability – all levels will be converted to a form of Radius. Through extensive testing, we truly found that too many levels didn’t have that singular magic feel, so our course was quite clear.

What About Progress? Records?

Don’t worry! We’ll be keeping the same leaderbaords and records – and each one will be beatable in the respective version of Radius. Super speeds, super jumps, feather falls, anything you need to be the best in the world – new radii levels will provide! Keep all your marbles, and unlock new ones – and hats and trails! Your marble is gonna look good.

Very nearly as good as The Level does!

Weekly Challenges: Where the Old Levels Are

We want to provide some weekly contrast, y’know?

Beta Tests: Exclusive to the TI-84 Plus

Due to the power of the Texas Instruments 84 Plus and its extensive graphing capabilities – Marble It Up: Radius! will be exclusively available on this particular line of calculators. We’ll be working on cutting the graphics strain on other devices – but honestly, nothing really compares to the calculator I used in school. Legendary stuff.

Watch this space for more information on Beta tests – we’re still working on the delivery method, but we’re likely to have to resort to shipping and transferring data in between classes. We’ll keep ya posted!

Release Dates: Goals and Expectations

We’re shooting for the end of the next ten minutes! We’re pretty confident in this timeline – but anything can happen when you’re working with magic like Radius. Delays can come from anywhere, so we may need to circle back and recheck our math. Thankfully we have our trusty TI 84 Pluses for that.

But we’re pretty confident!

We’d like to thanks all of our players for being awesome, and for helping us realize what this game can truly be!

EDIT: To provide an extra level of variability to the game, we’ve added Olympus as the final level of the game. We doubled it first, though.

Radius Collective

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