Challenging Blast – The Marble It Update!

Challenging Blast
– April 8 –

Welcome back to the Marble It Update Newsletter! This week, we start by mourning the loss of Marble It Up: Radius! – it was too logistically intensive to ship on any platforms… maybe next year? We also show the winners from the last two challenge sets, talk about a new challenge modifier coming to Mayhem!, and more! Game time!

Weekly Challenge: Steelie II

Roll heavy this week. Extra friction, gravity, all condensed in a tinier marble. Wonder what it feels like to be a ball bearing? Now’s your chance to relive the magic of Steelie the first – good luck marblers. Big Easy should be a hoot to start with, no?

Last Week’s Challenge (and the Week Before!)

Rebound II (Ended April 1st)
Learning to Jump
snwboardr1987 – 00:09:88

Learning to Turn
snwboardr1987 – 00:06:52

Wave Pool
CMurder – 00:08:73

snwboardr1987 – 00:07:76

Four Stairs
Atham – 00:18:79

Beach Ball IV (Ended April 8th)
Big Easy
Hatchet – 00:25:20

CMurder – 00:10:85

DavidJoinDiscord – 00:14:70

Ex Machina
Cranny – 00:16:72

Diamond in the Sky
Hatchet – 00:28:48


Off Kilter
UmbraSonset – 00:12.59

Big Easy
Pinguin – 00:30.51

Icy Ascent
david.c.h – 00:06.20

Challenging Blast

Part of the upcoming update to Marble It Up: Mayhem! will be bringing weekly challenges – and with it, comes the ability to add BLAST to our lineup of challenge modifiers! We’ll be seeing a few other new challenges modes when the update drops on Apple Arcade – we can’t wait to play them!

Select Your Chapter!

Last week, we showed this picture of our new chapter select coming to Mayhem! There’s a lot that went into the new design, and we’re going to talk through it – watch this space as some select level select selections will be coming your way… with pictures!

That’s all for us this week, more marble news next week! We’ll leave you with an internal bug report screenshot. Definitely a new favorite…

Til next week!

Marble Collective

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